The complete solution for the discerning HO tramway modeler!

Swedtrack is a highly ingenious track system because it is scale-true, prototypical, simple, inexpensive, versatile, flexible, easy-to-build and provides the greatest possible range of options for your trackplan.

Just four (4) components are necessary to build your layout, namely the grooved rail (designed to accept street filling, and easy to keep clean), the sleepers, the turn-out kit (reversible for use either as left-hand or right-hand switch) and the rail bender. No crossing kits are necessary, as you can easily build your own crossings in any fashion you please. Using just these four components, you will be able to build any layout with any curv radius, crossing type or track gauge in HO scale. The plastic sleepers, designed for normal and metre gauge, will automatically provide you with electrical isolation and correct gauge. Only your imagination and rolling stock set the limits!